Aikido is a chosen member of the Tau Clan and has psychic abilities.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Tomiki Aikido

Clan: Tau

Guardian: Inta

Power: Psychic

Weapon: Talisman

Profession: Caretaker of Tau Safehouse

SES: Upper Class

Celestial Race: Strongholds Division

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Skin: Blue

Mother: Judo

Father: Jujitsu

Cousin: Kendo

Grandfather: Sumo

Daughter: (Find out in Volume 5)

Husband: (Find out in Volume 7)


Aikido is intelligent, one of the best students in her high school.  She is typically very peaceful, patient and polite.  She's sensitive about her looks and enjoys her privacy.  The only person who can get under her skin is China from the Chi Clan.  The Tau Clan is a rival of the Chi Clan.  The Tau Clan sponsors a fight tournament for the strongest fighters in the Dionne System.  At school, she starts fights with China all the time.

During high school, Knight is one of her best friends.  She tends to stay to herself.  Some of the other girls in her class make fun of her.  She doesn't have many friends other than Knight and Venus, but she says Venus is worth "a thousand friends" because she's such a good friend for anyone.

She has a family secret and a curse that the audience discovers in Volume 4. The curse has to do with her father, Jujitsu.  She wears a necklace that he gave her as a child before he died.