Aiko big face


Aiko is a chosen member of the Pi Force Police Department and has the power over time.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Calico Felinus

Nickname: Aiko

Clan: Pi Force

Guardian: Laima

Power: Time

Weapon: Gun, depicted with staff in some pictures

Profession: Police Officer

SES: Lower middle class

Celestial Race: Amoretto Division

Hair: Purple

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Pink

Mother/Guardian: Cat

Uncle: Ocelot

Sister: (find out in Volume 5)

Cousin: Civet


Aiko is an active member of the Pi Police Force even from a young age.  As a little girl she helps her father plant a tracking device on Jupiter, Venus's father.  She does not attend the same school as the other main characters who go to Omicron High School.  She attends the Celestial Military Academy.

Her best friend is Knight who attends Omicron High.  Her worst enemies are Phoenix and Io.  They run into each other a lot because they are professions and usually end up getting in the way of each other.  She uses her power over time to catch the villains and usually catches them before Phoenix and Io get a chance to.

Aiko is a very tough, one tacked minded person who doesn't take crap from everyone.  Although she's very serious about her job, no one takes her seriously because she is very small.  In fact, everyone thinks she's a little girl.  She's very cute as well because she has pink skin and long purple hair.  Everyone makes fun of how short she is, but she just tries to ignore it.