Alloy, Aysa, Matrix

Alloy is the leader of the Rho Clan.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Alloy Vulcan

Clan: Rho (leader)

Clan Guardian: Opo

Profession: Illegal Weapons Trader

SES: Lower Middle class

Celestial Race: Plain Angel

Hair: Platinum Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Pale

Mother: (Find otu in Volume 2)

Brother: Matrix Vulcan

Girlfriend: Aysa Mihos


Alloy is a fun-loving, laid back man who cares for his younger brother without the help of parents.  He is the leader of the Rho Clan which no one can understand why.  The Rho Clan is filled with androids, cyborgs and beings called mechangels.  They ask him, if he's a mortal (or human) why does he want to be a leader of a gang of robots? 

This causes a lot of problems for Matrix, his younger brother.  In Volume 2 when the mechangels rebel, not only do the mechangels hate him, but also normal citizens who have been attacked by the mechangels hate him as well.  He gets into a lot of fights because of it, but no matter what Matrix is faithful to his brother, Alloy, and will stand by all his decisions.

Alloy is in love with the daughter of Dr. Mihos, Aysa Mihos.  It's no secret even though they try to hide it because of Aysa's arranged marriage.  Everyone, including Aysa's husband Uranus, knows about their love.  Aysa is faithful to her husband but spends most of her time with Alloy anyway.  So much time, in fact, that her daughter starts to call Alloy "other daddy".