High Priestess Card

Aurora Borealis is one of the legendary saints of Dionne who defeated the evil Demon King, Crux, and the Hellion Army.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Aurora Borealis

Clan: Sigma

Guardian: Uni

Power: Capturing Souls

Weapon: Sword

Profession: High Priestess

SES: Noble Family

Celestial Race: Ophanim

Hair: White

Eyes: Green

Skin: Light Brown

Sister: Hyperion, Hercleo, Queen Corona Borealis (adopted)

Descendants: Uno Borealis, Halo Borealis

Mother: Uni

Father: Tin

Son: (Find out in Volume 4)


Aurora Borealis is the third immortal daughter of Uni and Tin.  She was sent to live among the mortals centuries before the start of the series.  She was sent to live with the Sigma Clan to help with their battle against the Australis family and the Delta Clan.  Because of her warm and loving heart she could not kill the hellions, but instead locked their souls away in different Tarot Cards passed down to the Borealis family.

In Volume 4, a mysterious woman with amnesia appears who looks just like Halo, Uno's mother.  The woman calls herself Aurora.  But is she?