Aysa Face


Aysa is a chosen member of the Beta Clan who has the power over strength.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Aysa Mihos-Beatrix

Clan: Beta

Guardian: Sakumo

Power: Strength

Weapon: Metallic Limb

Profession: Businesswoman / Robotics / Scientific Researcher

SES: Upper Class

Celestial Race: Cherubim Division

Hair: Black

Eyes: Violet

Skin: Pale

Mother: (Find out in Volume 2)

Father: Dr. Mihos

Brother: (Find out in Volume 5)

Son: Persia

Daughter: Syria

Husband: Uranus Beatrix

Cousin: China, Ojinaga, Saratoga

Aunt: Song-Kou

Uncle: Usa


Aysa has a cold and distant personality.  She blames it on her father's side of the family.  It's no secret that Aysa is the daughter of the worst villain of the first series, Dr. Mihos.  She is a good character though, very helpful to the others.  Her father knew that she would rebel against him, so he arranged a marriage for her with a member of the Beta Clan

Aysa has a lover named Alloy, leader of the Rho Clan, but their relationship turns platonic after she gets married to Uranus Beatrix of the Beta Clan.  She never stops loving Alloy even when his secret it exposed in Volume 2

In Volume 3, she has a miscarriage and loses her son, Persia.  Or at least that's what the doctors told her.  The doctors never presented her with a body for the baby so she believes deep down that the baby is still alive somewhere.  With all the abductions going on there's no telling where her son could have gone.  This secret it revealed later in the series.