Baby Calypso

Calypso Borealis

Calypso is a chosen member of the Sigma Clan and royal family with the power of air.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Calypso Borealis-Morgana

Clan: Sigma

Guardian: Aquarius

Power: Air

Profession: Prince

SES: Royal Family

Celestial Race: Thrones Division

Hair: Pink

Eyes: Green

Skin: Golden

Mother: Uno Borealis-Morgana

Father: Mirage Fata Morgana

Sister: Echo, Valaro

Brother: Azo, Taro

Wife: (Find out in Volume 11)


Calypso face

Calypso Borealis (teen)

Calypso has middle child syndrome, especially being one of five children in the royal family and being the oddest one among them.  All the other other children look like either the king or queen, but for some reason Calypso has green eyes and pink hair which are not features of the king queen or her lover, Pluto.  His pink hair is the equivalent of the red headed child that appears suddenly in a family.

He is the least favorite child of Uno who looks down on his clumsiness and awkwardness.  The only thing he has in common with his mother is his feelings someone in the Australis family.  Of course, his mother does not approve even though she went throught he same things years earlier.

More of Calypso's story will be revealed in Volumes 8-12.