Io, Carmen, Phoenix

Carmen is the leader of the Alpha Clan.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Carmen Xanthippe

Clan: Alpha (leader)

Clan Guardian: Samus

Weapon: Gun

Profession: Defender

SES: Middle Class

Celestial Race: Powers Division / Half-Blood

Hair: Stawberry Blonde

Eyes: Red

Skin: Beige

Father: Esroh Xanthippe

Brother: Uma (half-brother)

Daughter: Phoenix, Io (adopted)


The Alpha Clan is filled with tall, strong Amazonian women who work as bodyguards and bounty hunters or any other odd job that requires a burly woman.  Alpha takes care of Phoenix and Io early in the series.  Io is clearly not from their clan and everyone knows she is adopted.  This is typical for the Alpha Clan as they find new female recruits from other clans and adopt them into their own.  Phoenix and Io are Carmen's best bounty hunters and are well known throughout the Alpha Clan.