Cat is a member of the Pi Force and the caretaker and mother figure for Aiko.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Cat Felinus

Clan: Pi Force

Clan Guardian: Laima

Weapon: Staff

Profession: Police Officer

SES: Lower Middle Class

Celestial Race: Amoretto Division

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Pink

Brother: Ocelot Felinus

Daughter: Aiko, Civet


Cat is like a mother hen for the Pi Force.  She helps her brother Ocelot oversee operations and run the Pi Police Department.  In Volume 1, she flied a helicopter in for an air raid to bust a street brawl.  She was the ex-girlfriend of Jupiter before he met and married Venus's mother.

Find out the truth about Cat and the other members of the Pi Clan in Volume 5.