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There are many characters in the Elemental Angels Series.  Below you can find a list of some of the main characters.  Despite this long list, there are more characters throughout the series and on the wiki.  If you don't see the character you're looking for below you can do a search, or you're welcome to use the Random Page, and look up a new character to discover.

Series 1 (Volume 1-7)Edit

Main Characters

Venus - a powerful hybrid with the power of light who can go into hyper form to increase her strength.

Matrix Vulcan - a member of the Rho Clan and has the power over water.

China Adrian - a member of the Chi Clan, a student of martial arts, and has the power over wind.

Aikido Tomiki - is a member of the Tau Clan and has psychic abilities.

Knight - a member of the Gamma Clan, a young bounty hunter and vigilante who has the power over plant life.

Aiko - a member of the Pi Force Police Department and has the power over time.

Io - is an adopted member of the Alpha Clan who has the power over Ice.

Phoenix - a member of the Alpha Clan who has the power of fire.

Yin and Yang - twins, members of the Theta Clan with the power of electricity and sound.

Pluto Australis - a member of the Delta Clan and has the power over shadows and death.

Uno Borealis - the daughter of a very wealthy family in the Sigma Clan who has the power over storms.

Aysa Mihos - a member of the Chi Clan who married into the Beta Clan who has the power over strength.

Hercleo - a descendant of Venus who helped return the power over the elements to the 13 Elemengels.


FotoSketcher - celestial beings (2)

Hyperion - Angel of Light

Sakumo - Angel of Strength

Pavana - Angel of Wind

Inta - Angel of Psychic Powers

Mediene - Angel of Earth and Plant Life

Soko - Angel of Storms

Hades - Angel of Death and Shadows

Luna - Angel of the Moon and Ice

Samus - Angel of the Sun and Fire

Lei-Shen and Tian-Mu - Angels of Thunder and Lightning

Laima - Angel of Time

Opo - Angel of Water

Saturnus - Angel of Libra the Balance

Sala - Angel of War and Destruction

Nyx - Angel of Night and Darkness

Clan LeadersEdit


Jupiter - Leader of Lambda

Halo - Leader of Sigma

Usa - Leader of Chi

Gypsy - Leader of Theta

Sumo - Leader of Tau

Noon - Leader of Gamma

Carmen - Leader of Alpha

Alloy - Leader of Rho

Ocelot - Leader of Pi

Perse - Leader of Delta


Moon and the Lunars

Dr. Mihos


Queen Moon




Series 2 (Volume 8-12)Edit

FotoSketcher - All Adult Characters and their Children

Main CharactersEdit





Calypso Borealis