China teenager


China is a chosen member of the Chi Clan, a student of martial arts, and has the power over wind.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: China Adrian-Damhan

Clan: Chi

Guardian: Pavana

Power: Wind

Weapon: Dagger

Profession: Martial Arts Teacher / Soccer player

SES: Upper class

Celestial Race: Cherubim Divsion

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Skin: Beige

Mother: Song-Kou

Father: Usa Adrian-Damhan

Sister: Ojinaga, Saratoga

Cousin: Aysa

Daughter: (Find out in Volume 5)

Wife: (Find out in Volume 7)


China has a free spirit, likes to laugh and tell jokes.  He's sarcastic at times and has a knack for getting himself into trouble.  He has a huge crush on Venus and when she suddenly reappears after seven years he doesn't mind letter her know it.  China has one parent from the Western Galaxy and one Parent from the Eastern Galaxy.  His mom is Eastern and his father is Western so he's a mix between the two.  He's a member of the Chi Clan and they are rivals of the Tau Clan. 

Every year while China is young, the Tau Clan sponsors a fighting tournament for children and adults.  Every other year, China wins and every year between Aikido Tomiki of the Tau Clan wins.  The two children always get into a fight with each other and because of their powers it gets out of hand very easily.