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Civet Felinus

Civet is a memeber of the Pi Force and the cousin of Aiko.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Civet Felinus

Clan: Pi Force

Clan Guardian: Laima

Weapon: Gun

Profession: Police Officer

SES: Lower Middle Class

Celestial Race: Amoretto Division

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Pink

Aunt: Cat Felinus

Uncle: Ocelot Felinus

Cousin: Aiko Felinus


Civet is a hot-tempered bossy teenager.  She's been working as an officer for the Pi Force since she was a child just like Aiko, but they couldn't be more different in personality.  Civet likes to rush into things.  On the other hand, Aiko, who has the power of time, of course likes to take things slow and thinks things through.  Aiko doesn't appreciate working iwth Civet.  Aiko prefers to work alone or work with her best friend Knight even though she's a part of the Gamma Clan and not the Pi Force.

Civet first appears in Volume 3, but she will return in Series II.