Queen Corona

There are two Corona Borealis mentioned in the Series I.  Queen Corona Borealis was the queen of Dionne during the time of St. Aurora Borealis.  Aunt Corona is A member of the Sigma Clan and the aunt of Uno Borealis.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Corona Borealis

Clan: Sigma

Clan Guardian: Soko

Weapon: Sword

Profession: Queen; Principal

SES: Wealthy Noble Family

Celestial Race: Thrones Division

Hair: White

Eyes: Hazel

Skin: Golden

Sister: Aurora Borealis; Halo Borealis

Daughter: Cameo Borealis


Corona and Cameo

Aunt Corona and Cameo

Queen Corona Borealis is the sister of Aurora Borealis, but everyone said they couldn't see how they were related.  Aurora Borealis looks different from the typical Sigma Clan member; she has green eyes and brown skin not the characteristic golden skin and hazel eyes that is unique to all Sigma Clan members.  During the time of St. Aurora, Corona was killed by Crux Australis, the Demon King.

Aunt Corona is the sister of Halo Borealis, the mother of Cameo and the aunt of Uno.  She was born one thousand years after Queen Corona Borealis.  Aunt Cameo is the principal of Omicron High School a magnet school that most of the main characters such as Venus, Matrix, and China attend.  They specialize in helping students with special gifts and protecting them from the Hellions.  Even though they are a public school, they offer scholarships to help students who have to travel a long distance or who need to move to the city in order to attend.  Although Corona is not a queen like she was during the time of Aurora, she rules the high school with an iron fist.