Cat Hellion

Enilef Mihos

Enilef is the Cat Hellion and one of the notorious 12 Hellions.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Enilef Mihos

Clan: Beta

Guardian: Hydra

Power: Metal

SES: Wealthy

Celestial Race: Hellions

Hair: White

Eyes: Red

Skin: Orange

Brother: Esuom Ratimir

Son: Neko, Baset


Enilef is the Cat Hellion, but there is no cat in the Chinese Zodiac.  This is one way that the anime Fruits Basket influenced the Elemental Angel Series because there is a cat included in the 13 members of the Shoma Family.  There are technically 13 hellions in the Elemental Angels series as well, but the infamous 12 Hellions includes the Cat Hellion and not the Dragon Hellion, Hydra, who is the leader and god over them.

Enilef appears for the first time in Volume 5, but more can be found out about him and the other hellions in Series II.