Uni and the Amoretti

Epsilon Clan consists of the Elemental Angels and Uni is their overseer.  Each mortal clan in the Dionne System has at least one elemental to guard the members.   Notable members include, Hyperion, Sakumo, Soko, and Libra.

Clan InfoEdit

Epislon is not a typical clan because all the members of the clan are immortals who live in the Angelic Realm.  They still work together as a team to try to stop the hellions from producing more evil beings and upsetting the balance.  To counter balance the evil, the elemental angels decided to protect the offspring of the hellions and keep them from turning into evil.  Because they are half-bloods, they get to choose between becoming good or evil beings.  The guardian angels help them to decide.

Celestial RaceEdit

Notice each character has a certain celestial race assigned to them.  For example, Venus's celestial race is Seraphim and China's celestial race is Cherubim.    Does that mean that Venus is a Seraphim angel and China is a Cherubim angel?  No.  They are mortals; all characters living in the Dionne System are mortals including mechangels because they have a spirit inside of them that is separated from their body when they are destroyed.  Most of the guardian angels are archangels and ranked below many of the main characters, but wouldn't it make more sense for the guardian angels to be above the mortals in rank?  So what does the celestial race assignment mean?  It's a secret to defeating the 12 Hellions.  Find out in Volume 6.

Angelic RankEdit

The Celestial Races include the following (in order of rank):











Fallen Angels