Esuom Ratimir

Esuom is the Rat Hellion and one of the notorious 12 Hellions.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Esuom Ratimir

Clan: Beta

Guardian: Hydra

Power: Water

Weapon: Scythe

SES: Wealthy

Celestial Race: Hellion

Hair: Black

Eyes: Grey

Skin: Brown

Brother: Enilef Mihos

Nephew: Baset

Son: (Find out in Volume 6)

Granddaughter: (Find out in Volume 6)


Esuom is a faithful servant of the hellion god, Hydra.  When Hydra's body is destroyed, Esuom offers his own body as an offering to the hellion god.  This has become customary to give offerings to the hellion god so that Hydra may have a host body until he can find the ultimate hybrid to possess permanently. 

Esuom makes an appearance in Volume 6 and the audience learns the truth about who he is.