Noon, To-Mor-Oh, Mornin', Eve, Dusk

Gamma Clan is guarded by Mediene.  Notable characters include Knight and Son-Hou-Shi.

Clan InfoEdit

The Gamma Clan is spread out across two areas.  Noon was head of the branch in the Dionne System, but there also exists a large tribe of Gamma Clan members on a planet full of jungles.

If Gamma Clan people were from our world they would be the equivalent of West or South African people.  They have very dark brown skin and enjoy hunting.  More often, men are hunters and women care for the farms and home.  One of few skills that women and men can learn alike is archery and Knight is noted as an expert in archery.

Her mother lives in the city with her youngest daughter, Mornin' (shown in the picture above, and yes, that little child is a girl).  In their culture baby girls can run around topless.  Knight's eldest sister, Eve, married another Gamma Clan memeber named Dusk and moved out of the house.  Knight lives with her father in the woods.