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Halo Borealis

Halo is the leader of the Sigma Clan.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Halo Borealis

Clan: Sigma (leader)

Clan Guardian: Soko

Weapon: Sword

Profession: Mayor of Dionne

SES: Wealthy Noble Class

Celestial Race: Thrones Division

Hair: White

Eyes: Hazel

Skin: Golden

Sister: Corona Borealis

Son: (Find out in Volume 3)

Daughter: Uno Borealis

Husband: Nemo Borealis


Halo Borealis is a strict woman, but she has a soft side for young people from troubled backgrounds.  She never hestitates to help those in need or even ofer her home for friends who need a place to go.  Although she's the mayor, she helps her sister, Principal Corona, at the magnet school.  She's a tough lady and proves it by jumping in the middle of fights to stop students.

She's a typical Borealis Family member in terms of having a sense of superiority over other clans and families.  No matter how much of a superiority complex her family members have, it's nothing compared to her daughter, Uno.

Somewhere during the seven year gap between Volume 1 and Volume 2, Halo ends up losting one of her eyes and wears an eye patch over it.  She was trying to save someone, but was slashed through the side of her face by a sword and left to die.  She, of course, pulled through, but with one less eye.  We find out the story of her eye patch in Volume 3.