Helios is a handsome, young, and mysterious boy who appears in Volume 3 with Dawn.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Helios

Clan: (Find out in Volume 3)

Guardian: (Find out in Volume 3)

Power: Electromagnetic Waves

Weapon: Sword

Profession: Henchman

SES: Poverty

Celestial Race: (Find out in Volume 6)

Hair: Dark Blue and Green

Eyes: Silver

Skin: Brown

Mother: (Find out in Volume 3)

Father: (Find out in Volume 3)

Sister: (Find out in Volume 3)


Helios is a heart throb who hates attention.  The girls flock to him and his gorgeous face, running their fingers through his hair and felling his muscles and he hates evey minute of it.  His friend Dawn, who is the real ladies' man of the pair, only wishes he could get that kind of attention. 

The real problem is that Helios does not like getting close to people and has anger issues that he releases on other kids at Omicron High by picking fights.  What happened in his past to cause him so much anguish?

Guess what... find out in Volume 3...