Hydra human form

Hydra in Mortal Form

Hydra is the leader of the 12 Hellions.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Hydra

Clan: Delta

Power: Evil

Weapon: Lawlessness

Profession: Being evil

Celestial Race: Hellion

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Skin: Dark Brown

Mother: (Find out in Volume 6)

Father: (Find out in Volume 6)

Sister: (Find out in Volume 6)

Daughter: (Find out in Volume 10)


Hydra is evil.  Although he was orginally a member of the Delta Clan, he rules over the Delta Clan, Mu Clan and Beta Clan.  More is explained about his evil purpose in Volume 5 by Dr. Mihos (you know, the part where the bad guy explains everything to the hero).  Pieces of his story can be found in Volume 4 and Volume 6.  Although everyone talks about him and is afraid of him, the audience won't meet him until Volume 12.