Io Face


Io is an adopted member of the Alpha Clan and also a chosen one who has the power over Ice.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Io

Clan: Alpha

Guardian: Luna

Power: Ice

Weapon: Gun

Profession: Bodyguard / Bounty Hunter

SES: Lower middle class

Celestial Race: (Find out in Volume 7)

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Yellow

Skin: White

Mother: (Find out in Volume 7)

Adopted Mother: Carmen Xanthippe

Sister: Phoenix (adoption)

Son: Si

Husband: (Find out in Volume 8)


Io is the name of a moon in the Milky Way Galaxy known to be very volcanic with sulfur magma that's yellow.  Io was named after the moon because she has yellow eyes.  She has yellow eyes and blue hair which is the opposite of blue eyes and blonde hair which is much more common.  Even the characters comment on her "blue hair and yellow eyes" as backwards. 

Io is a mysterious character and her story doesn't grow until Volume 7.  In Volume 7 it's revealed what her true identity is and which celestial race she belongs to.  From the beginning of the story, the audience comes to know Io as boy crazy.  She's a little vain and thinks she's very pretty, although she is, she doesn't mind complimenting herself on it.  She loves flirting with men.  She even shows an attraction to Yin's effeminate twin brother, Yang, as she serves as his bodyguard for a hired job.

Io sees her guardian in the moonlight and also sees her guardian in ice cubes when she's drinking a drink.  Ice is a portal for her guardian angel, Luna.  She enjoys the cold weather.  Dionne does not have winter until Volume 7 which is the first time the city has seen snow in centuries.  The Dionne System is a collection of domes and the weather is regulated so they never have snow.