Jujitsu and Lupus (2)

Jujitsu and Lupus

Jujitsu married into the Tau Clan, but was originally a apart of the Delta Clan.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Tomiki Jujitsu

Clan: Tau

Power: Shape Shift / Curses

Weapon: Katana

Profession: Samurai

SES: Poverty

Celestial Race: Hellion

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Skin: Blue

Daughter: Tomiki Aikido

Wife: Tomiki Judo


Jujitsu isn't in the series very long or very much.  His back story is revealed in Volume 4 and he makes an appearance in Volume 6 for the first time.  Even though he isn't there long he has a playful personality with a dry sort of humor but it's masked inside of his serious nature.  He can joke around without glimmer of a smile on his face.

He dies from sickness before the start of Series I.  But how can he be in Volume 6 if he's dead before Volume 1?  You'll find out...