Jupiter is the leader of the Lambda Clan.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Jupiter

Clan: Lambda (Leader)

Clan Guardian: Hyperion

Weapon: Sword / Gun / Fist

Profession: Negotiator / Liaison

SES: Upper Middle Class

Celestial Race: Seraphim Division

Hair: Blue and Green

Eyes: Grey

Skin: Brown

Mother: Rhea

Stepfather: Cronos

Father: (Find out in Volume 6)

Sister: Juno, Ceres

Niece: Hebe

Son: (Find out in Volume 3)

Daughter: Venus

Wife: (Find out in Volume 3)


Jupiter is the leader of the Lambda Clan in the Dionne System.  Many Lambda Clan members were tired of the oppression of Eninac Adolphus the king of the Lambda people.  After the death of his stepdad and two sisters, Juno and Ceres, Jupiter, his niece, his mother and many others from the Lambda Clan decided to move to the Dionne System where they would be under the protection of Hyperion

After settling down in the Dionne System he married and had two children.  Of course, trouble followed him there and his wife ended up being murdered and one of his children disappeared.  During Venus's younger years, she hears her father talk about having a son all the time.  For this reason, Venus becomes more like a tomboy and she is teased by other girls because of it. 

On the first day of school for Venus, the teacher is shocked that she does not have a last name.  Jupiter dropped his last name of his real father because he hated him.  Instead of taking on his father's last name he decided to just go without one as many lower class citizens do.  Even though they are upper middle class and live like kings because of all their wealthy friends, everyone assumes that people without a last name are poor.