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Juno, Rhea, Cronos, Ceres

Lambda Clan is guarded by the Hyperion.  Notable characters who are apart of the Lambda Clan include Venus, Jupiter, Cupid, and Nova.

Clan InfoEdit

If the Lambda Clan were a part of our world, they would be considered Arabic, Moorish, or Middle Eastern.  They are a group of brown people with dark silky hair.  Their style of dress looks like something from Arabian Nights or Aladdin. 

Jupiter is the leader of the Lambda Clan so naturally his daughter Venus, the main heroine of Series I is also born into this clan.  They are a little unusual for this clan because they have blue hair with green streaks, pointed ears and sizeable canines.  Jupiter was born with the last name of his real father.  However, Jupiter hated his father because he abandoned his mother when he was just a baby.  He didn't want to take his mother's last name either because she was the daughter of an evil king.  He dropped his surname completely once he grew to manhood.

In the picture above is Jupiter's immediate family.  Juno and Ceres are his sisters.  Ceres is so tall people probably asked her to be apart of the Alpha Clan, but she was faithful to the Lambda Clan until the end.  In the middle is his mother and stepfather, who was the only father figure Jupiter ever knew. 

Later on in the series, Venus goes to live with her grandmother, Rhea, out in the countryside away from the city.  Desert areas and rural areas are typically where the Lambda Clan like to settle and live.  Only a few Lambda Clan members live in the Dionne System, but most of them live on a faraway Desert Planet.  On the Desert Planet, the royal family rules the clan there.  Vixen, who will appear in Series II, is a part of the royal family there.

Lambda Clan

Jupiter, Rhea, Cronos, Venus, Juno, Miles, Ceres