Tien Mu and Lei Kung

Tian-Mu and Lei-Shen

Lei-Shen is the angel of thunder and watches over Yang.  Tian-Mu is the angel of lightning and watches over Yin.  They are both the guardians of the Theta Clan.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Lei-Shen and Tian-Mu

Clan: Epsilon

Guardian: Uni

Power: Thunder and Lightning

Profession: Guardian Angel

Celestial Race: Archangel

Hair: Yellow with Black Streak

Eyes: Yellow

Skin: Yellowish tan


Tian-Mu and Lei-Shen make their first appearance is in Volume 1 when they are spotted on film.  In Volume 5, they help protect the twins Yin and Yang.  They are seen again in Volume 6 in the Angelic World.