Jujitsu and Lupus (2)

Jujitsu and Lupus

Lupus is a member of the Delta Clan and the brother of Crux Australis.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Lupus Australis

Clan: Delta

Clan Guardian: Hades

Power: Transformation / Curses

Weapon: Shuriken / Spikes

SES: Wealthy Family

Celestial Race: Hellion

Hair: Black

Eyes: Yellow

Skin: Silver / Grey

Brother: Crux Australis


Lupus was a friend of Jujitsu, but an age old grudge drove them a part.  Although they are both Hellions, they are not apart of the 12 Hellions.  They were born many centuries before them.  In fact, they are so old they knew St. Aurora Borealis personally.  Find out more about their feud in Volume 4.