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Matrix is a chosen member of the Rho Clan and has the power over water.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Matrix Vulcan

Clan: Rho

Guardian: Opo

Power: Water

Weapon: Depicted carrying two swords in some pictures

Profession: Soccer Player

SES: Lower middle class

Celestial Race: Plain Angel

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Beige

Mother: (Find out in Volume 2)

Brother: Alloy Vulcan

Son: (Find out in Volume 4)

Daughter: (Find out in Volume 4)

Wife: (Find out in Volume 4)


Matrix is known to have a short temper at times and is very overprotective about his loved ones.  He's very passionate about things such as soccer, his family, and especially the love of his wife.  Matrix does not get married and have children until Volume 4.  For the first three books he has a turbulent relationship with Knight of the Gamma Clan.   They have an on again off again relationship for a while.

Matrix's older brother, Alloy, is the leader of the Rho Clan which gets him into a lot of trouble.  In Volume 2, the members of the Rho Clan, called Mechangels, rebel against mortals and what to be treated as equals or higher than the mortal beings.  Because of this and other illegal operations that Alloy oversees, his brother is treated more like a criminal especially by his bounty hunter girlfriend, Knight

Matrix has trouble getting along with Alloy's girlfriend, Aysa, because she is the daughter of Dr. MihosAlloy thought it would be a phase, Matrix never grew out of his negative feelings for her.