Uno and Mirage

Mirage is the prince of the Dionne System and a member of the Sigma Clan.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Prince Mirage Fata Morgana

Clan: Sigma

Clan Guardian: Soko

Profession: Prince

SES: Royal Family

Celestial Race: Thrones Division

Hair: Strawberry Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Beige

Mother: Queen of Dionne

Father: King Fata Morgana of Dionne

Son: Calypso, Azo, Taro

Daughter: Echo, Valaro

Wife: Uno Borealis


Mirage is in love with Uno's face from a very young age.  And as they say, the "prince must have what the prince wants".  The king was not as interested in her as he is in the Borealis Family.  He finds all the women beautiful and just desires to have one to marry, Uno happened to be at the right age and because Cameo already had an arranged marriage, the king chose Uno to be his son's wife.  Uno doesn't mind the attention and certainly doesn't mind becoming a princess. 

Mirage is a gracious and kind ruler and loves all his children equally, including Calypso, although he's such an odd child.  He seems to be oblivious to the affair between Pluto and Uno, either that or he thinks they are just close friends and nothing more.  Although he is mentioned in several volumes, he does not play a major role in the series.