Moon and the Lunars

Queen Moon and the Lunars

Mu Clan consists of creatures called Lunars and are not introduced into the series until Volume 7.

Clan InfoEdit

The story of the Lunars is introduced in Volume 6 briefly when Uni describes the Lunar race as a beautiful, but frightening race of beings.  They look like angels because of their beauty, heavenly glow, and pearl white skin.  But, they have a beastly curse on their people because of something they did over five hundred years before the start of the series.  They were defeated by Hercleo the Great and their bodies were locked away in an Ice Dome as punishment.

List of LunarsEdit

Queen Moon - Queen Moon is a tall striking woman described to have "hair and eyes as white as snow" and "eyes as red as the Harvest Moon".  The idea for Queen Moon came from Queen Beryl.  This is one way that Sailor Moon influenced this series. 

Tethys - Not in Volume 7, but he is mentioned as an ancestor of their people who lived many centuries ago.

Phobos and Deimos - Scientists in the Beta Clan who are descendants of Lunars.

Titania - Royal Army General, she is the daughter of Queen Moon.  She is strict and cruel to her soldiers and exercises all her authority to keep order.

Titan - Royal Army Captain.  He has grey hair and maroon eyes.  He's a dedicated official, but does not have the same viciousness that many of the other Lunars have.

Europa - Royal Advisor for Queen Moon

Iapetus - A young member of the Royal Army.  He has orange hair and yellow eyes.

Mimas - Bodyguard for Queen Moon

Cassani - Bodyguard for Queen Moon

Rhea - A young member of the Royal Army.  Pink eyes and pink hair.

Oberon - Titania's little brother, not mentioned in the final version of the series.

Triton - Royal Guard, short-temper and gets into fights often with many Lunars.  She has lilac hair and yellow eyes.

Ganymede - Royal Guard, girlfriend is Calisto.  He has a burly build and has blue hair and eyes.

Calisto - Royal Guard, boyfriend is Umbriel, she has orange eyes and hair.

Ariel - Youngest member of the Royal Guards.