Noon, To-Mor-Oh, Mornin', Eve, Dusk

Noon is the leader of the Gamma Clan.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Noon Hari

Clan: Gamma (Leader)

Clan Guardian: Mediene

Profession: Vigilante

SES: Middle Class

Celestial Race: Dominion Division

Hair: Black with White Streaks

Eyes: Yellow

Skin: Dark Brown

Father: Yeknom Hari

Son: Dusk (son-in-law)

Daughter: Eve, Mornin' and Knight

Wife: To-More-Oh


Noon appears for the first time in Volume 1, but only very briefly at a street brawl.  In Volume 3, the audience gets to better know him and his daughter, Knight, the vigilante.  There's a humorous scene in Volume 3 when Noon is being held up by a criminal where the audience gets to learn a few funny secrets about Noon and a secret truth about all clan leaders.