Shiva Face

Nova (a.k.a. Shiva)

Nova is a chosen member of the Lambda Clan who has the power of radiation.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Nova

Nickname: Shiva

Clan: Lambda

Guardian: Libra

Power: Radiation

Weapon: Sword

SES: Poverty

Celestial Race: Seraphim Division

Hair: Golden Blonde

Eyes: Golden

Skin: Tan

Mother: Venus

Father: (Find out in Volume 4)

Brother: Cupid

Cousin: Hebe

Grandfather: Jupiter


Shiva appears for the first time in Volume 4.  She has a happy personality, but can tell when something is wrong like when there was a clone pretending to be her mother.  She exhibits great power even in her child age similar to Venus.  She's a hyperactive, normal child with a happy life until everything is taken from her suddenly.

By the beginning of Volume 8, she's a teenager living with her brother, Cupid.  She gets in trouble at school for fighting, but it's the only skill that her mother left to her.  Her dream is to become like her mother.

More of Shiva's story will be revealed in Volumes 8-12.