Ocelot Felinus

Ocelot is the leader of the Pi Force.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Ocelot Felinus

Clan: Pi

Clan Guardian: Laima

Weapon: Gun / Staff

Profession: Police Officer

SES: Lower Middle Class

Celestial Race: Amoretto Division

Hair: Black

Eyes: Yellow

Skin: Pink

Father: Gip Porcius

Sister: Cat

Niece: Aiko, Civet


Ocelot has zero tolerance for the bumbling bovine Amazon bounty hunters which includes Phoenix of the Alpha Clan.  He regards them as a nuisance and completely unnecessary.  He believes that only the government issues police force, the Pi Force, is necessary for taking out the criminals in the city.  However, before the Pi Force existed, the city had to rely on hunters and vigilantes like the Gamma Clan members to stop crime.  For this reason, Ocelot respects Noon of the Gamma Clan and has even been known to work along side of him.