Pluto, the children, Orcus, Perse

Orcus is the daughter of the Delta Clan's leader, but acts as co-leader with her.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Orcus Australis

Clan: Delta (co-leader)

Clan Guardian: Hades

Weapon: Sword

Profession: Delta Military General

SES: Upper Class

Celestial Race: Demon / Vampire

Hair: Yellow

Eyes: Red

Skin:  Pale

Father: Hydra Australis

Mother: Perse

Husband: Pluto Australis

Son: Krono

Daughter: Styx


Orcus is the daughter of Hydra and Perse and almost worshipped by the other demons because of her relation to Hydra.  The Delta Clan and Sigma Clan reconcile their differences and the king even allows them to work as military officials for the crown.  Orcus becomes a general in the Delta Military. 

When she becomes suspicious of her husband, Pluto, she hires a private eye to investigate.  When she does discover the truth about him all hell breaks loose and because she is a demon it really is hell for Pluto.

The audience comes to know her better in Volume 4 when she gets to meet one of her ancestors from the past head on.