Pluto and Uno

Pluto is the chosen member of the Delta Clan and has the power over shadows and death.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Pluto Meduso-Australis

Clan: Delta

Guardian: Hades

Power: Death / Darkness

Weapon: Conjuring

Profession: Delta Military Official

SES: Marries into Upper Class

Celestial Race: Demon / Vampire

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown/Red

Skin:  Tan

Grandfather: Ekans Meduso

Mother: Perse (mother-in-law)

Wife: Orcus

Son: Krono

Daughter: Styx


Pluto is patient, thoughtful and kind which is very odd for someone in his clan.  He suffers from split personality disorder because of it.  The demands of his people and the demands of others who want to use the power of his people cause him to split into another personality sometimes. It doesn't happen often, but in Volume 4, he gets raging angry and his eyes turn red and it happens again in Volume 7, he uses his powers of darkness against light.

Pluto shows a strong character to resist evil, but his weakness is Uno Borealis, a member of the Sigma Clan a rival of the Delta Clan.  For some reason, he falls in love with her despite her harsh personality, his wife and two children, her husband and five children and their rival clans ready to kill each other.  When she was a child, he thought her crush as something adorable and would humor her with kisses on the hand.  Uno would call him her "Knightly Pluto" and forces others to call him the same.  Although she is ten or more years younger than him, he starts to develop feelings for her later on.