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Rho is guarded by Opo.  Notable Characters in the Rho Clan include Matrix and Alloy.

Basic InfoEdit

The Rho Clan is filled with androids, cyborgs and beings called mechangels.  Alloy is the leader of the Rho Clan, but he is a mortal?  Everyone asks the question at some point.  And no one has the answer except Alloy, himself.

The fact that his brother is the leader of Rho causes a lot of problems for Matrix, his younger brother.  In Volume 2 when the mechangels rebel, not only do the mechangels attack him, but also other mortals do as well.  He gets into a lot of fights because of it, but no matter what Matrix is faithful to his brother, Alloy, and will stand by all his decisions.

Another question that may come to mind is why is Opo the guardian of the Rho Clan?  Her power is over water and water and electrical circuitry don't match.  There's a reason, but we don't find the answer until Volume 6.