Saturnus is the Angel of Libra; she is a guardian angel, but has taken on a mortal form to protect her chosen one.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Libra Saturnus

Nickname: Saturn

Clan: Epsilon

Guardian: Uni

Power: Air

Weapon: Balance Scales

Profession: Guardian Angel

Celestial Race: Archangel

Hair: Pink

Eyes: Sapphire

Skin: Yellow-Brown

Chosen one: (Find out in Series II)



Libra's Angelic Form

Saturnus is one of few guardian angels who is allowed to take on a mortal form to protect her chosen one.  She has a very powerful hybrid as her protect and it's imperative that her protected one stays on the side of good and does not fall into the hands of the evil hellions. 

Saturn takes on her human form in Volume 4 and makes a very brief appearance to help protect the son of Pluto, Krono.  She dreams about being one of "those angels" who falls in love with her protected one.  However, because her protected one is a girl she decides to help out young men in distress in hopes of bagging a mortal knight for herself.

More of Saturn's story will be revealed in Volumes 8-12.