Uno's Family (2)

Borealis Family

Sigma Clan is guarded by Soko.  Notable members of the Sigma Clan include Priestess Pax, Uno, Aurora, and Halo Borealis.

Clan InfoEdit

Though their religion is not Christianity, it is similar in ways to both Christianity and Hinduism.  The style of dress of Aurora Borealis looks like a Sanskrit Indian Sari.  Moreover, at birth, all Sigma Clan members are baptized into the faith.  This is due to the fact that all Borealis members are descendants of the ophanim, Soko, and also a long line of priests.  All Sigma Clan members become prominent figures in society such as mayor, schoolmasters, or clergymen.

The Borealis Family is one of the largest families in the Sigma Clan other than the royal Morgana Family.  They own their own church near their mansion on the Borealis Estate and the popess of their religion oversees the church.  Her name is Priestess Pax; she is not a member of the Borealis or the Morgana family, but she is still a part of the Sigma Clan.  Although she is blind they say Pax can "see all" including the affair of Pluto and Uno who were passing letters to each other during the christening of Cameo's son.

The Royal FamilyEdit


Royal siblings: Azo, Valaro, Echo, Taro

In Series I there's not much mention to the royal family, but in Series II the five children of Uno are more developed in character.  Calypso is a chosen one with a guardian and also the odd ball of the family.  He has pink hair and green eyes like no one else in the entire family lineage.  Everyone has the classic hazel eyes and whitish hair.  The last person to have green eyes was Aurora Borealis, but people wondered if she weren't adopted into the Sigma Clan.  Calypso is the middle child of five; Taro is the eldest son, Valaro the eldest daughter; Echo is the youngest daughter and Azo the youngest son and child.  They are dysfunctional as a family and many acquire the personality of Uno.  Taro seems to be the only one who acquired the more gentle and noble personality of his father King Mirage Fata Morgana.  He's a little more tolerant on his brother, Calypso's clumsiness and awkwardness.