Tau clan

Judo, Sumo, Aikido, Kendo

Tau Clan is guarded by Inta.  Notable characters from the Tau Clan include Aikido, Lynx and Sumo.

Clan InfoEdit

The Tau Clan has two major temples.  One temple is a large pagoda far off in the Eastern Galaxy.  After the Dionne System becomes the Dionne Galaxy, the characters journey to the "Pagoda in the Sky" in Volume 9.  

The Tomiki family is originally from the Eastern Galaxy and used to reside in the Tau Pagoda, but they moved away and settled on Dionne many centuries before the start of the series.  So the Tau Clan operates out of both locations.  Sumo is the head of the Tau Clan in the Dionne System, but Hitsuji manages the pagoda in the Eastern Galaxy.

Because of all the abductions, they had to find a way to help hide people away from the hellions.  The Tau House is known as a "safe house" and used to harbor people escaping the hellions.  The Tau Temple is one the last places that the hellions would suspect to harbor people trying to escape from them.  The Tau Clan is reputed to only help fellow members, so they wouldn't suspect that they would help someone outside of their clan.