Uno Borealis

Uno is the chosen member of the Sigma Clan and has the power over storms.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Uno Borealis-Morgana

Clan: Sigma

Guardian: Soko

Power: Storms

Weapon: Wealth

Profession: Being Rich

SES: Wealthy Noble Family

Celestial Race: Thrones Division / Ophanim

Hair: Lavendar with White Streaks

Eyes: Hazel

Skin: Golden

Mother: Halo Borealis

Father: Nemo Borealis

Cousin: Cameo

Aunt: Corona Borealis

Ancestor: St. Aurora Borealis

Brother: (Find out in Volume 4)

Son: Calypso, Azo, Taro

Daughter: Valaro, Echo

Husband: Prince Mirage Fata Morgana


Uno is the stereotypical only daught of a rich family.  Her family spoils her rotten, especially her father who usually bends to her will because he can't take her whining.  Her mother, Halo, is much more strict, and between her two parents, is the one who really wears the pants in the family.

Ever since she was a little girl, Uno has had a major crush on Pluto Australis.  The Australis family, however, would never approve of such as a marriage.  The Australis people are in the Delta Clan and the Sigma Clan has always been rivals of this clan.  Pluto had an arranged marriage to a woman in his clan and Uno, also, had an arranged marriage with the prince of the Dionne System.  When Uno found out about his arrange marriage she asked if he really was going to marry that "ugly witch".

Unlike some of the other characters, Uno lives to an older age and eventually becomes a tyrannical queen of the Dionne Galaxy in Volumes 8-12.