China Usa Songkou

China, Usa and Song-Kou

Usa is a leader of the Chi Clan.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Usa Adrian-Damhan

Clan: Chi

Clan Guardian: Pavana

Profession: Martial Arts Instructor

SES: Upper Class

Celestial Race: Cherubim Divsion

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Green

Skin: Tan

Wife: Song-Kou

Son: China Adrian

Daughters: Ojinaga, Saratoga

Niece: Aysa

Brother: Oushi Damhan


Usa is made fun of for his "country" accent and loud rambunctious persoanlity.  He's the complete opposite of the typical Eastern Galaxy traditional leader of the Chi Clan.  Because his father is the Ox Hellion, he is literally a bull loose in a china shop. 

His favorite person to yell at is Sumo from the Tau Clan, a rival of the Chi ClanSumo is so calm sipping his tea while Usa has a vein ready to pop out of his head.  Tension between them starts to ease up after a few volumes.

All in all, Usa is a friendly old man.  He's the opposite of his wife Song-Kou and loves to meet the girls that his son, China dates.  He's a little too loose with him and Song-Kou blames her husband for his son's brash personality.