Venus is a powerful hybrid and a chosen one with the power of light who can go into hyper form to increase her strength.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Venus

Clan: Lambda

Guardian: Hyperion

Power: Light

Weapon: Sword

Profession: Hired Hand

SES: Middle Class

Celestial Race: Seraphim Division

Hair: Green and Blue

Eyes: Silver

Skin: Caramel/Light Brown

Mother: (Find out in Volume 3)

Father: Jupiter

Brother: (Find out in Volume 3)

Son: Cupid

Daughter: Nova

Husband: (Find out in Volume 4)


Venus lives in the Dionne System with her father and mother, who died before the start of Volume 1.  Venus has a very bubbly personality, but she can be a real airhead at times.  One boy who liked her very much called her an "angel" saying she didn't seem like a normal girl and her only emotion is "happy".  Everyone wants to be Venus's friend even her friends have fought over her.  She joins the fight team in Volume 2 and surprises everyone because, although she's sweet and pretty, she a tough cookie. 

There's a seven year gap between Volume 1 and 2.  Venus goes to live int he country with her grandmother.  She moves back to the city and reconnects with her friends from her childhood.  She lives with a friend of the family, Halo, from the Sigma Clan during her high school years.  The wealthy family even gives her a horse as a present which she names Diamond.

The volumes don't mention much about her working life.  For a while she held a job as a maid and then in a shoe store.  Later on in life she moves to a cottage with her husband and two children.  A few members of the Lambda Clan left the cottage to her in their will.

She's something called a hybrid and they are known to be very powerful beings.  She comes from a long line of mortals who transform into super powered immortal beings after death.  She's a descendant of Hercleo the Great who was a super heroine from ancient Dionne.