Vixen Adolphus

Vixen is a chosen member of the Lambda Clan and has the power of air.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Vixen Adolphus

Clan: Lambda

Guardian: Gemini

Power: Air / Splitting in Two

Weapon: Swords

SES: Royal Family

Celestial Race: Half-Blood

Hair: Red-Orange

Eyes: Yellow-Orange

Skin: Dark Brown

Father: Eninac Adolphus

Section headingEdit

Eninac is the king of the Lambda Clan on the Desert Planet.  Vixen is his daughter.  She despises him and ran away from the palace because of her hatred for him.  She somehow ends up in the western part of the Dionne Galaxy and meets the main characters in Series II.

More of Vixen's story will be revealed in Volumes 8-12.