Volume 10

Volume 10

This is Volume 10 of the Elemental Angels Series.

Lunar WaterEdit

It’s the season for star-crossed lovers.  And somehow love blossoms during this time of civil wars, intergalactic crime lords, and a talking demon pig.  Where there’s love there is always war; winning the love of another is a constant battle.  Nova and her two potential beaus find themselves in a relational war, but also a real war between clans.  After crash landing inside a space colony, they fall right in the middle of a clash between two tribes of people who revere the hellions as gods and obey their every whim.  But Nova never loses hope in bringing peace between the clans.  She also doesn't lose faith that every spirit has a soul-mate.  But will one of the two boys who love her ever claim her as his soul-mate?  Will one of them doomed to be the jealous third wheel and spend all of eternity living the single life?  Find out in Volume 10.

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