Volume 12

Volume 12

This Volume 12 of the Elemental Angel Series.

Universal Balance SagaEdit

Nova and several of her friends who escaped prison have been on the run for months.  After spending weeks and months away from their colony, they are welcomed back with fireworks, expect someone forget to tell the army not to use real bombs.  When their spacecraft is shot out of the air, they endure a horrific crash landing back into their colony.  They scatter and disappear across the Dionne Kingdom.  The kingdom, once a perfect haven, has now become a hell on earth.  There’s chaos, mayhem and no one knows who to trust!  The lovers will be torn apart, the angels will mourn, the chosen will perish, and friends will become mortal enemies.  When there’s so much tragedy, so much grief, why can’t there be a reset button?  When everything’s going wrong, why can’t we just stop it all and go back in time?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go back to a former place to find a time when everything’s just right?  It might not be perfect, but it’s just right.  If you could just go back in time and start all over again anew.  No one longs for this more than Nova...  There’s a surprise ending that’s tragic, yet comedic.  But will it be a happy ending for our heroes and their loved ones or will they be doomed to live in sorrow for all eternity?  Find out in the twelfth and final volume of the Elemental Angels Series.

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