Volume 2

Mechangels SagaEdit

Have you ever wanted your own guardian angel?  What if your guardian angel had super powers?  The angelic world is filled with celestial beings called elemengels who can give their power to the people they protect.  They watch over the twelve clans of the Dionne System in a faraway galaxy.  They help the chosen from each clan defend against the evil Hellions who threaten to upset the balance of good and evil in the universe.  Venus returns seven years after the death of her father.  She joins up once more with her friend Matrix who's brother is leader of the Rho Clan, a group of androids, cyborgs and mechangels.  In the Dionne System, mechangels are rebelling against mortals causing mayhem and many deaths.  Mechangels used to protect and love the people of the city, so what's causing them to rebel against the mortals?  Find out in Volume 2 of Elemental Angels.  Check out all twelve Elemental Angels books in the series for youth and young adults.

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  • Teenage Venus
  • Aikido and Knight
  • Aiko
  • Fighter Venus
  • Venus's Deceased Family
  • Old Halo
  • Opo
  • Matrix
  • Opo
  • Io and Phoenix
  • Sakumo
  • Aysa, Alloy and Syria
  • Uranus and Dr. Mihos
  • Venus and China
  • Knight and Matrix
  • Uno and her pet monkey
  • Sakumo
  • Hyperion
  • Mechangel
  • Pluto and Uno
  • Teenage Yin and Yang
  • Winged Zero
  • Zero