Volume 3

Sunrise at Daybreak SagaEdit

It’s a new school year for Venus and her friends, but it’s anything, but ordinary.  When two mysterious boys come to Omicron High, Venus and the others will have to put their friendship to the test.  There’s the heartthrob Helios whose cold and distant and the flirtatious Dawn who has eyes for one girl who just happens to be a teenage bounty hunter.  She’s more use to catching bad boys than falling for one!  Fist will fly and hearts will break in the third volume of Elemental Angels Series.

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  • Helios and Dawn
  • Venus
  • Aiko and Knight
  • Mediene
  • Mediene
  • Syria and Aysa
  • Helios, Mihos and Dawn
  • Knight's Family
  • Dawn, Halo and Knight
  • Uno and Prince Mirage
  • China and Aikido
  • Pluto
  • Venus
  • Uno
  • Aiko
  • Venus and Matrix
  • Venus
  • Aikido
  • China and Pet