Volume 5

Doctor of Demons SagaEdit

There are many secrets to be revealed.  Aysa Mihos the daughter of the evil Dr. Mihos goes on a hunt to discover the truth about her father’s mysterious past.  Along the way, she digs up all sorts of family secrets hidden in the minds of the clan leaders.  The secrets cut deep and most would rather not remember.  But our heroes will stop at nothing to bring justice to the Dionne System and to stop the evil doctor of demons.  It won’t be an easy road.  Dr. Mihos has some tricks up his sleeve.  He can make a mechademon look like whomever he desires, but what if he used that talent to create doppelgangers?  Will our heroes really know who to trust?  Discover the secrets of the chosen ones protected by the elemengels in Volume 5 of the Elemental Angels series.

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  • Aikido and China
  • Ocelot, Aiko and Cat
  • Venus before and after Hyper Mode
  • Enilef - Cat Hellion
  • Theta Circus
  • Lynx
  • Dr. Mihos and Clones
  • Dr. Mihos
  • Ocelot
  • Cat, Aiko's Mother
  • Dai, Dawn and Knight
  • Judo, Sumo and Kendo
  • Dr. Mihos, Aysa and Sakumo (human form)
  • China, Aikido and Lynx
  • Usa, Ojinaga, Saratoga, Song-Kou
  • Hyperion, Jupiter, Baset, Halo, Usa, Gypsy
  • Yin and Yang
  • Shiva
  • Pavana
  • Venus