Volume 9

Volume 9

This is Volume 9 of the Elemental Angels Series.

Desert PlanetEdit

Nova and her friends go from famous to infamous.  They were loved by millions during the tournament now they are on the run after a prison break.  How could life change so fast?  With every cop in the Dionne Galaxy after them, what choice do they have but to fly away into the stars?  The characters make their galactic getaway journeying to other space domes, ghost ships, and far off planets across the star systems.  Along the way they meet even more of the half-blood children of the hellions.  After their brief encounter with the Tiger Hellion in Volume 8, they’ll meet even more hellions in Volume 9 and these aren’t exactly the ideal dads.  Especially the Dog Hellion who rules over the Desert Planet and is a literal dog when it comes to women.  Why is his daughter, Vixen, so desperate to escape the royal palace?  Find out the truth about Vixen in Volume 9 of the Elemental Angels Series.

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