Yin Yang

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang are twins, chosen members of the Theta Clan with the power of electricity and sound.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Yin and Yang

Clan: Theta

Guardian: Lei-Shen and Tian-Mu

Power: Electricity and Sound

Weapon: Thievery Skills

Profession: Performers, Hair Stylist, Soccer Player, Pick-pocketers

SES: Upper class

Celestial Race: Principalities Division

Hair: Honey Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Yellowish Tan

Mother: Gypsy

Sister: Zingara

Relatives (that we know of): Rom, Rani, Czigany, Lancet, Cirque, Picaro


Yin is the girl and Yang is the boy, but you would think it were the other way around.  Yang, who is more feminine, is a close friend of Venus and Yin, who is more masculine, tends to hang out with China and Matrix more.  But it's hard being friends with them because they always have their hands in other people's pockets!

Yin and Yang have fun and happy personalities.  Yang, especially, loves being the life of the party and showing off his dance moves.

They are professional thieves even at a young age.  They were caught on film once stealing important documents that belonged to the Delta Military and the Hellions.  They were almost caught, but they used their powers to escape.

Although they work as performers in the Circus di Theta, they both have separate jobs.  Yin joined a soccer team and Yang works at a hair saloon.  One of his best customers is the wealthy Sigma Clan member Uno Borealis who never counts her tips, but gives him a load of cash.

In Volume 5, we discover the truth about the twins as told by their mother.  They share a secret of their birth that many of the other characters are also involved with.